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A video produced by Annie Howell to illustrate just how badly humans misunderstand dogs.

Showing how to stop a jumping, pulling, bonkers Doberman and calm it down in just a few minutes.

Dylan the collie cross was very aggressive to other dogs and we had to muzzle him to protect my dogs. This video was shot after less than 3 hours training in one session. You can see he is not sure what to do with other dogs and it is probably the first time he has been allowed to sniff a dog for a long time.

This is Max a very aggressive collie cross, aggressive to humans and dogs. I escaped with just a graze.

This is Rizzle about halfway through his training session with his owner and my three dogs. Rizzle was very dog aggressive to start with but with a series of confrontation, avoidance and join up exercises we were able to walk him on the lead with other dogs after only 90 minutes training.

A lovely little puppy enjoying some play with Jack.

Dog aggressive Mica the German Shepherd after only two hours of training.

Mica with the other owner, Mica is now moving away from my dogs.