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Dog Training Workshops

Dog Training Workshops 2018

£30 for one dog and handler and an extra £10 for a second human. 

Pack Leader Workshops 2018

October – Saturday 27th October at Newbold Verdon village hall.

December – Saturday 1st December at Elvaston village hall.

Hi there pack leaders,

Jack strutting his stuff

Jack strutting his stuff

It’s Jack here, Cocker spaniel, friend and companion to Ade, the dog whisperer. He’s dreamed up this idea that we invite a lot of strange dogs with their humans to a pack leader workshop. Or should that be dogs with their strange humans? It’s a posh term for fun day out.

When he says dog training workshops I just know it means more work for me. He’s always bringing problem dogs to see me that, quite frankly, are just uncouth ruffians. Ill-mannered, unsocialised sometimes aggressive dogs and very badly-behaved.

He then expects me and Fliss the Collie to help calm them down and show them how to behave.

What a cheek! It’s a diabolical liberty.

My reward is a bowl of food and a run on the park. I honestly don’t know why I bother sometimes…

The Dog Training Workshops are held on alternate months at

Elvaston Village Hall, Nr Derby DE72 3EQ and

Newbold Verdon Village Hall, Main Street, Leics LE9 9NN.

classes_002Elvaston village hall can be found by following the signs for the Parish Church,  Village Hall and the Cricket Club, directly off the main road through the village.

Newbold Verdon’s village hall is on the Main Street next to The Swan pub.

Ade calls these sessions Pack Leader Workshops, and covers subjects such as slow owners dragging behind on the leash and talking jibberish.

Then there’s jumping up, barking, scenting, marking territory and how to meet other owners with their humans. Learning dog language is also high on the agenda.

Fliss looking frosty

I’ll be expected to demonstrate how you can learn to walk without pulling, that is, walk as slow as a human without their constant moaning, recalling your human, jumping up and other stuff like that. He does go on, in fact he’s got more rattle than a box of dog biscuits…blah blah blah…

To be honest I’m going to be really bored because I know all this stuff. He’ll expect me to be on my best behaviour and not show him up. I suppose I’ll have to do some tricks and stuff, all for a bit of sausage!

The workshop’s going to start at 10 am and go right through to 1 pm with only one break for tea and biscuits! I don’t know about you but I like my lunch on the floor at 12.30 prompt. Oh, and in case you wondered whose picture that is on the right, that’s Fliss. People say she’s quite pretty. Each to their own…

classes_004Ade tells me the humans use The Harrington Arms in Thulston (the village next to Elvaston) for lunch and apparently it serves what he calls Real Ale, although I’ve never seen Pretend Ale. The staff always look after us. They allow us to bring our humans into the beer garden and the food is good.


The postcode for the pub on your Satnav (whatever one of those is) is DE72 3EY. The pub has been in the Good Beer guide for years. I must admit I could smell the chicken and beef wafting through the air and it kick-started my slobber glands!

You can always bring a picnic if you prefer to stay in the Castle Grounds.

I’m fairly sure he won’t be in any fit state (wink wink) to blather on with any sense after “lunch”. I suspect we will all spend the afternoon in Elvaston Park, walking, socialising and practising our new found skills as he puts it. Maybe you will get to chase a ball, frisbee or a squirrel if he looks the other way for a second. I know I’m not supposed to chase squirrels, but I like to think of it as escorting it back to its tree…and there is a great lake to cool off in, so get your human to carry your towel!

I’ve got to admit he does have a knack of training these owners though. They think it’s the dog that’s coming for training but let’s face it, have you seen how these humans behave when they’re off the leash?

They can’t herd sheep for toffee, and walk at about one mile an hour. Then as soon as you sidle up to some nice looking pooch they start panicking and shouting at you. Just chill out dudes…

The cost is £30 per dog and owner, an extra £10 if you bring a second human.
£40 for training 3 of you. It’s a bargain! (2017 was the first increase in 4 years )
The morning session is 10am-1pm, lunch at the pub (not included in price).
There is an optional free pack walk in the afternoon for the group until about 3.30pm.
Great value for a day out.

If you have more than one dog and/or want to bring the whole family give me a call first and I will try to accommodate you. We can usually find a workable solution. Phone number below.

Please register your interest by emailing us and leave a name and contact number. We will send details by return.

My email address is mail@dog-whisperer.me.uk

You can also contact us by phone on 01455 828748 or call or text 07971 894 631.
I get my human to do the administration.


classes_005First location, Elvaston Village Hall DE72 3EQ, in the grounds of Elvaston Castle near Derby. Don’t go into the main Castle car park. The village hall is located down the single track road leading to the church and cricket club. Elvaston Castle Website

Second Location is Newbold Verdon Village Hall, Main Street, Newbold Verdon, Leics, LE9 9NN. Next to the Swan Public House and only  15 minutes from J22 M1, easy access from the A50 as well. We usually go to the Windmill Inn on Brascote Lane for lunch. Time: 10am -1pm for the good stuff.

Then lunch and from 2.15pm onwards it’s a pack walk which usually means letting the humans ramble on about nothing important. We dogs can run to our hearts content and even go for a swim in the lake.

Booking is essential as we usually have a maximum of 12 dogs. If you are already a client but your dog just needs to socialise, why not meet us after lunch for a walk. We would be pleased to see you to catch up on all your news and I will be there for free advice and guidance if you need it.

Oh, and Ade says to mention you can buy his book as well. I’m in it because I am a very important dog and Fliss has her story in there as well along with lots of other less well-behaved dogs that have bitten him or behaved very badly.

The book is called ‘Dog training without treats’. Well I don’t approve of that, I love my treats, but humans seem to be loving his methods of curing all the naughty things we dogs get up to. Sounds like a bargain at £15.

All possible precautions are taken at the workshops to keep dogs and humans safe but due to the nature of the dogs attending, some of which we have no previous knowledge of, we cannot be held liable for any injuries sustained during the workshops. All attendees should ensure they have sufficient insurance cover in the event of an incident.