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Dog training without treats

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Dog training without treats. £14.95, free p&p.

Quick, simple, effective.

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Adrian Howe has trained many hundreds of problem dogs in his career. He started out by working with aggressive dogs, the dogs that other trainers and behaviourists either avoided or failed to correct. Some dogs had been labelled ‘untrainable’. He learned the hard way which methods worked and bears the scars to prove it.

Treat training was quickly discarded as well as harsh or punitive methods which made a dog more fearful. Clients talked about the man who could change a dog’s behaviour within hours. Rescue centres and veterinarians recommended him to their clients.

Adrian developed a training programme for owners and dogs which would change their lives in less than 3 hours. The programme covers common problems experienced by the average dog owner and good solid training methods which work on any dog. His methods are simple and effective.

Considered by many to be one of the best dog training books in years his book reveals some of his secrets.

Dog training without treats includes:

  • Easy to use training methods
  • The truth about trainers and behaviourists
  • Real-life success stories from Ade Howe’s clients
  • Answers to the most common dog problems

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